Writing a Nursing Model Paper

Writing a Nursing Model Paper

Sometimes, students might wonder why it is necessary to write an academic paper based on a nursing model. In a nutshell, most models allow teachers to focus on training learners to apply the skills they have learned. As such, they are appropriate for all levels of learners. Furthermore, they promote teamwork and teamwork, two skills that are vital in dealing with health issues.

On the other hand, it is not only about learning and applying the skills learned through the model. It is about contributing to research and teaching more about how to best tackle the associated issues.

It might be sufficient for high school and college students, but such models have their impact on all levels. As such, students should strive to sharpen their writing and research skills and help promote understanding among others.

How to Write a Nursing Model Paper

Writing a nursing model paper entails different steps and should take a minimum of three weeks. First, you will have to draft an outline and identify your topic’s main issues. Next, you will develop a body that will include all your main arguments, emphasize on the evidence, and state your claim in the form of a thesis. The remaining part, the conclusion section, gives the reader the final say.

The good thing about nursing models is that they can be flexible and allow a student to collect and analyze several pieces of evidence to develop a coherent essay. You might also have to make compromises when researching and presenting your points. Nevertheless, each research topic can be handled in its best way, depending on the goals of the paper.

The most important thing is to identify what your instructor wants and focus on making the arguments vivid. This will not only mean that you should write more but that you should also use the available sources to back up your claims. That way, you will not only have written an excellent paper, you will have done it successfully.

The Structure of a Nursing Model Paper

Students often confuse the structure of various models with their use in essays. While a model could have a logical essay structure and use the same format as the paper, it does not mean the models are the same. Here is what you will find when you follow the instructions provided in the article;


It is the first section that explains your problem statement and what you seek to address. Make sure you capture the aim of the paper, provide a brief background, and briefly describe the problem under study. You should also provide a short and concise thesis statement and use it to hook the reader.


It is the meat of a nursing model paper. Here you will have to provide supporting evidence and makes arguments or discuss the different views you hold regarding the topic. At times, you might be required to use personal experiences and information from other sources. Whatever the case might be, ensure that each source you use has a direct bearing on the thesis and that it is credible enough to persuade readers.


In this section, you are supposed to summarize all your evidence and then restate the claim you made in the body section. However, avoid making general claims and reiterate the thesis statement.

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