Literature Review on Online Shopping Behaviour

The Literature Review on Online Shopping Behaviour: Case Study Approach

Social media has transformed the way that many individuals across the globe engage in commerce. This trend is good as it offers both buyers and sellers a wider range of options. Nevertheless, not all transactions on the web are ethical. From organized crime to counterfeiting, online vendors are taking advantage of the trend.

It is, therefore, of great significance that you understand online shopping behaviour better. This takes a general approach that considers not only the benefits that these transactions bring but also the implications on the quality of life of individuals. Like any other form of commerce, online shopping can be a source of revenue for online merchants, especially those in developing countries.

Indeed, these transactions have been a source of economic growth in the developing world. It is, therefore, no surprise that they also benefit many other individuals and communities. Nevertheless, understanding the nuances of online shopping will not only help you make smarter financial decisions but also help you make an impact on the local environment.

The Impact of Online Shopping on the Local Community

As an ethical online retailer, it is beneficial for you to understand how your business is affecting the surrounding communities. Traditionally, local retailers have a way of helping the underprivileged access to the necessities of life. In fact, most countries encourage their citizens to use this channel to attain vital shopping needs.

Understand that from the beginning, online retailers have been at the receiving end of opposition from some communities. It is, therefore, a profound responsibility that you should not only invest your resources in ensuring your company is ethical but also to show other stakeholders that your business is beneficial to them. This means that you must demonstrate your dedication to the community by working closely with its members.

From your research, you can identify the kinds of channels through which the community can get more information about your business. It helps you to determine which ones have been most effective and are most easily accessible to the public. Additionally, you can also look at how other online retailers have been tackling the issue. As such, you can now create some sort of learning curve for your competitor to walk up.

It follows that you need to be well-equipped with all the tools at your disposal. This requires you to do a proper assessment of your business. If you are keen on this concept, you will undoubtedly come up with numerous recommendations on how to best help the community. Take, for instance, the buy local model. In this instance, you will only sell your product from a region where you are operating your business. Furthermore, you will only use local resources that are sustainable.

In summary, you should never discount the importance of research to any business. It goes without saying that this research must take a historical perspective in terms of the realities in the local community. Therefore, you need to ensure that you find reliable information about the impact of online shopping on the local community.

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